Mobile Homes, Starigrad Paklenica

About the place

Starigrad is located in the far northwest part of Zadar County, and geographically belongs to northern Dalmatia. The settlements of the municipality stretch along twenty kilometers of the Adriatic coast, with the Velebit mountain above them. On the southern slopes of the Velebit mountain is situated Paklenica National Park. This area is entirely in a protected natural environment because Velebit along with its coast has a status of the Natural park since 1981.

The campsite is located 800 m from the entrance to the National Park Paklenica, 500 m from the centre of Starigrad and 200 m from the sea coast.
Because of the pebble beaches that stretch for kilometers, the place is suitable for a summer vacation for families with children.




Starigrad - Paklenica (Zadar)

Starigrad is a small village on the shore of Velebit Channel, located near the national park Paklenica, 45km south of Karlobag. The place is mentioned for the first time in Roman times, placed on the foundations of the ancient city of Argyruntum, and today is the center of the Paklenica Riviera, a part of the coast of 20 km long which touches the mountains and the sea, so Starigrad is interesting for swimmers and mountaineers alike.

Starigrad Paklenica has been inhabited since Roman times but was abandoned in the 16th century due to Turkish invasion and was again formed in the 17th century. Nearby is the pre-Romanesque St. Peter's Church and the ruins of the Old Towers, probably built in the Turkish era. During recent excavations of the Roman necropolis, more than 100 graves, preserved and beautiful different glass objects were found. In the nearby cove Rovanjska is the old Croatian St. George's church.

Paklenica National Park

Paklenica is a common name for two canyon valleys (Velika and Mala Paklenica is the most beautiful part of the mountain mass of Velebit, which UNESCO has included in the world's biosphere reserves) with high cliffs up to 400m, At the touch of the sea and the mountains, in the vertically cut and deep canyons of the Podgora valley that follows the main ridge of Velebit, there are plenty of interesting and unusual natural phenomena. Exceptional nature exhilarates people's curiosity and inspires visitors.

Park Paklenica was proclaimed as the National Park in 1949. Today, the Paklenica National Park is one of the most attractive natural, scientific and tourist areas in the northeastern part of the Mediterranean. The whole mass of Velebit is proclaimed a park of nature, and in its southeastern part, the "Tulove grede" over the canyon of the Zrmanja River stand out for their beauty.



Mountaineering and free climbing

Paklenica National Park is the most famous mountaineering center known also outside the borders of Croatia. Starigrad Paklenica is a starting point for the National Park Paklenica, and the vicinity of Velebit enables you to enjoy sports such as hiking and free climbing.

Rich and varied flora and fauna (many endemic species, Bjeloglavi sup), numerous karst phenomena (Manita peć), as well as rich sports offer (freeclimbing, trekking, picnic trips in the Lugarnica forestry house, visit of the mill and acquainting the principles of its work ) is attracting more and more visitors.